Bye hate, welcome love

I believe much of my anxiety and depression starts from all of the hate and bitterness I have buried. It seems like I haven't liked anyone my whole life and never understood others. But this is getting old, as I am getting older.

I make a list of people that have wronged me. I then tell myself that they were doing the best they can, if they messed up. I also ask myself if it was just my being too sensitive. If I find they really hurt me, I then ask myself is it worth carrying around and hurting myself. The other person isn't being affected by the hurt, just myself.

I then picture what they did wrong and choose to forgive them and forget it. I then will send them out a prayer and hope the best for them. This opens the way for some love and more acceptance for them.

I may not remember every hurt, but the ones I do help me out. I hope you can find it to list those who may have hurt you and be able to forgive and forget them.

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