Can't know all

As I have written in the last post, this virus has hitten me different than before. I am at least recognizing it, instead of how I used to react.

It has made me realize that you can't know everything and you just have to be positive. When I catch myself starting to worry about getting it or the economy going really bad, I try to quiet the mind and think the best.

What is going to happen is going to happen. I have to have faith that my higher power will let me handle what comes my way and even have the ability to help out others more than I have been. It might also be to have others come together to work for the good instead of just fighting amongst each other.

We will never know what the virus will bring, but thinking positive and having faith give more hope than a dreadful thought process.

This has really hit home, because i have always thought the worst. Now this virus is making me think differently. It is also making me decide on which thoughts to allow in. When I have heard to much of the negative news, it is time for me to decide and choose to turn it off. I don't act like it is't there, but I wait until I have the mental energy to deal with it.

This has been a big awakening for me. I hope this virus will make you think differently also.


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