Enjoying the Sunshine

It feels good getting better in the mind and body. I used to have to keep busy and always doing something to feel satisfied. Now I am getting gratification by doing less.

The other day I went and sat in the grass and soaked up the sun. I used to have to go in the sun when I was working to improve something. Now I took the old dog and went for a walk. I am not that old but i felt like sitting down and quieting the mind.

I might of looked foolish, but I didn't care. I found a spot of grass and told the dog lets sit down. We did and I just closed my eyes and listened to nature. I guess I was practicing mindfulness meditation. If felt good with the sun shining and a little breeze.

I never used to relax like this. Now it feels good. Relaxing more and more as I get older is more of a norm. Just letting all of my thoughts go and experiencing my scenses is my norm now. I just told my wife, when we move in a few months, that a balcony is a must. Then I can just plop outside the door with my dog. Only a few short months away.

This is just what an acitve mind and body needs, after 30 years of pounding it. Instead of finding a porject to do around the house, I just quiet the mind and try not to fall asleep Instead of mowing, raking, and planting grass, I try to just watch it grow.

I hope if you have a sore body and an active mind that you can try to let go also. Just close your eyes and quiet the mind and enjoy the sounds and smells around you . It sounds so simple, but it has been around for thousands of years. We need it more now than ever, since our stressors have increased. I wish you luck on quieting your mind and body also.

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