Making the Best out of It: Anxiety on Anxiety

The Coronavirus is a bad thing, but I am making the best of it. I have had anxiety for the past 40 years. This virus has sparked extra anxiety. What is going to happen with all of the sick? Is the ecomony going to recover? I feel guilty having a steadier job than hotel and airline workers.

I could fall prey to worrying about it or think in a different way. I choose to think in another way. I am choosing to turn off the tv when the news gets to be too much. I am also choosing to let the thoughts of the virus not sink too far in, when they come to mind.

All we can do is hope the best and pray things will get back to normal after it passes its short course. i am trying to be positive here. You have to be careful, but not be paralyzed by it. I know this will bring leaders of the USA together to work together instead of fight. It might act as a guide for the Federal Government to stop being so comfortable and plan better.

This virus is not the easiest for me on another level. It is making me realize that my OCD of dropping things and getting identity theft is related. Just like with being careful to not get the coronavirus, I just have to be careful to not drop anything. If I did drop anything, just like getting the virus, I just have to handle it and move on. The chances of either one are small, but just have to be careful and not paralyzed.

Another comparison is not ever knowing where it came from. What I mean about this is you can be careful and not be in crowds in relation to the virus. It takes just touching one area and you could get it. But what area was it? You will never know. The same thing with dropping things and getting caught up in ID Theft. I need to be careful but not terrified. If someone would open accounts in my name, I might not ever know how they got the info. Even though I try not to drop anything, my numbers are out there via the computer that people can always obtain them. So even though I amy feel safe, there is always a modern computer threat.

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