My New Way of Thinking Daily

Each day, I have so many scary thoughts. I am learning thoughts are just an automatic funtion that is not agreement with my character. I am learning to leave them go. I am very structural, so I came up with a way of making it and hopefully living.

1. Smart. First, I tell myself that I am very smart and won't try new things that are scary and against my character. I know right from wrong in other words.

2. Then I am practicing keeping a quiet mind and breathing deeply. This "working" meditation helps to keep the mind free of any thoughts I don't need.

3. I then slow down and make my pace more in line with being relaxed. The racing around just wears out the body.

4. When thoughts start to come in, I just tell my self it is just an ability. I let them go and not get too attached to them. I try to treat them like songs I don't care for. I just change the station to more positive thoughts. Another way to stop the stress and thoughts is to practice the anchoring technique, I mentioned in another post.

5. When I have quiet time, I try to think of positive thoughts and blessings I am thankful for. I guess I am keeping my mind full of good things, instead of scary things.

6. When scary thoughts come in and I need to know everything, I practice intelligent unknown. This is where I leave the anxiety go, trusting I did all I coiuld.

When I have downtime, I practice other things. I try to visualize what I want. I pray problems up to God for Him to deal with. I use my imagination for the good and not for the scary side. Lastly, I try to think positive about others. This is hard for me to do, since I have been burned by others many times.

I am hoping this structure will stick and become easier over time. I hope you can try this or parts of this structure to help yourself out. Good Luck.

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