New Way of Making It

I haven't written in a while. I have been trying to stay sane with this Coronavirus thing going on. This has been a factor in me thinking better. I guess you can say I made something positive out of something bad.

I have leared to take each day differently. First of all, I tell myself that I am a smart person. As I am going through my changing, I know I won't do anything dumb. My thoughts will make me think I will do something dumb to harm myself, but I know I wouldn't .

Next, I am breathing deeply and regularly. This is important since I don't usually take deep breaths. I am usually always in a fight or flight mode, waiting for the next bad thing to happen. While I am breathing deeply, I try to keep a quiet mind. I try to live in the now with no thoughts going on. This mindfulness state is more peaceful and allows for more deep insight to come over me.

While I am doing this and thoughts and worries come over me, I just tfeel like I am shooting them upward and Godward. He is capable and would love to take our worries. It helps keep me in the now with the quiet mind. I have hope and faith that He is handling the "problems" that never really manifest. This means alot to me since I was diagnosed with OCD, GAD, Depression, and PTSD.

I hope I am able to keep practicing this and help others out. I hope others can change from a worry state to this much more peaceful state. Good luck and peace be with you.

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