Not in Hell anymore

My mind tends to think that I am still in the terrible environment of my childhood, some 40 years ago. I have to tell it that there is no more danger of a stepdad being drunk. It is not easy, since the subconcious is a strong entity.

This is related to a previous post about changing your mind to change the world. If I want a world where I am more cautious, instead of paranoid then I have to work on tellling my mind the truth. I do the following below.

1.Pray to let old ways go. Also pray to forgive and forget the others that messed me up.

2. Breath and stay in the now, knowing the past is just a thought.

3.Say calming affirmations.

4.Learn to relax when life gets a little rough.

I compare what goes on in a human mind to what goes on in a dog. Have you ever had or seen a dog that has been abused. It may have only been a year of its time, but they tend to not trust many or anyone for their whole life after. On a much longer scale, when a person gets messed up at an early age, it takes sometimes decades to get better. I extreme cases its never.

I hope if you feel like your trapped in the past, you can get better also. You can practice some of things that I do or come up with your own. Good luck.

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