Peace in the Now

How many of you have a rought time keeping the mind in the now. It is rummaging all over the place. You are at a play and instead of watching your kid on the stage, it is worrying about the job, your friends, and your car. When that thinking is done, you are wondering if you gave the best presentation you could, were nice enough to the boss, and tried your hardest last week.

All of these thougths keep you from enjoying the play. The play is a once in a lifetime thing, since there won't be another time and place as just took place. Instead of giving it your all, you were only present while thinking of other things. Life is what happens now, not your past thoughts or your future concerns. The past is spent and the future will be dealt with when it arrives.

As I write this, this makes me feel bad. I have lived this way for most of my life. I am always thinking of the past or worrying what may head my way. What makes this worse is that I have OCD. This is where I have a scary thought and I feel great anxiety. I go over and over it in my mind. Needless to say, there is not much enjoying the moment activity going on. Throw in the fact that I have to check or do a ritualistic behavior to offset the anxiety, this takes a lot of time itself.

If you or someone you know has stricly obsessive thoughts or OCD give yourself or them a break. This is not an easy way to live. It is actually hellish. It is hard to experience peace. I don't give up though. That is why I write to help out others on this site. I would love to speak on it someday. If I can help one other person get better, I would feel better.

So, try to live more in the now. When a scary thought comes in, try to use a method to leave the thought go and return to the present. This is the key. I will take some effort, but it is well worth it.

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