ScaredDog Syndrome

Who here has the Scared Dog Syndrome?

This is a name that I came up with. Have you ever saw a dog abused for the first seven months of its life and it was never the same after? It is skiddish and doesn't trust anyone. The same happpens with people.

People that have been abused for the first five or so years of their life, sometimes don't trust for the rest of their life. A year of a dogs life, when it only lives 14 years, is a big percentage. That is the same as five years of a person's life that lives to be 75.

The person or dog has to get out of the bad experience they had. A lot of factors go into this, but a big part is changing the persons mind. They have to do things that I had talked about in other posts-renew mind, motivation to change, and leave old thoughts go to name a few.

If a person is strong enough, they can make this change. A big part of the change, is remembering what happened during those five bad years. The ultimate crime is when a person doesn't even remember what happened at the subconscious does. How can you change what you don't remember?

If you can get your mind to change, it may take a while. I have been trying to get better for 35 years past being 5 years old. I am trying to change what I think may be the problem. Again, it is what is in my past posts-not everyone is worthy of hating, it is not hell anymore, and I am strong and good enough.

I am surviving and thriving and it feels good. I hope you or someone you know can get out of your Scared Dog Syndrome.


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