Techniques for quieting mind

Is your mind ever racing with even just a thought? Do you ever get racing for no reason at all? Does the anxiety ever overwhelm you?

Good news! There are techniques to help quiet the mind down. There are more than can be listed here, so I will name only a few.

1. Anchoring. This is where you think of a pleasant place and soak it all in. Feel like you're there and living it up. It can be at the top of a mountain, at a beach, on a boat, or wherever else you might seem fitting. It is your choice and use your imagination.

My magic place is at the beach next to the ocean. Another is listening to a song I love on the radio with the headset on. Then when you feel really relaxed, do something with your hands. I make a loop with two of my fingers. You can do whatever has meaning for you. Then when life gets to be a little stressful, make the hand gesture and it should bring back your memory of the relaxing time by the beach or wherever. This should help get the blood pressure down and relax.

2. Another way to relax is to meditate. There are many kinds of meditation, but one is mindufulness. This is where you breathe in deeply and focus on your breath. Keep doing this. When thoughts come in, bring yourself back to your breath. The mind will try to wander many times, but just keep bringing it back. The work is good for us and the more you do it the better you will become.

3. Listening to a bunch of your favorite songs Put the earplugs in and listen away. Treat it as meditation. Listen to only the music. If thoughts come in, bring them back to the song.

These are only three of the stress busting tools you can enjoy. There are many others to explore also. Doing them throughout the day helps to make it more bearable. Good Luck.


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