Thoughts seem so real

Does anyone out there have thoughts that seem so real. You have a thought and it gives you a minnie panic attack. It seems so real that it feels like you did it. I think of harming a pet, even though you are a pet lover. Throwing something valuable out the window, even though you know better since it costs alot. These are just a few of the OCD type thoughts.

If I could magically get a cue that a "real" thought was just a thought and nothing else, I would pay millions for the peace. Until then, I have to tell myself it was just a thought I won't act on and keep moving.

They are scary and real is why that it feels like I can't tell the difference. It is usually the scary ones that have the power. As I mentioned about harming a pet-it is disturbing. A thought about going into poverty is also scary and seems to hold a lot of power. But this is no different that a common person that I am giving a famous superstar a hug. It isn't scary, so it is actually enjoyable.

I guess like everything else practice makes perfect. The more times I allow for the thought to go after a little reasoning, the better I will be. After a lot of practice, hopefully I would be able to understand the nature of thought enought so that I won't have to reason at all.

I am working on this by practicing mindfullness meditation. I am breathing deeply and keeping a quiet mind. When thoughts come in, I know the mind is supposed to be quiet and to get out of the thought and go back to the quietness. This is a challenge. but I am keeping with it. I hope you or someone you know can work on keeping a quiet mind and just observe the scary thoughts. Good Luck.


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