Using the Imagination for Good

I was told some time ago that I had a wild imagination by my psych doctor. I told her my what if fears and this is what she told me. It took me a while to see that my negative, scary thoughts were telling me scary things. It reminded me of scary movies. And just like movies, most of the time the scary scenarios never happen.

Now I have been thinking, what if I use the imagination for the better. Instead of getting caught up in scary scenarios, think wildly pleasant thoughts. Picture myself being at peace and doing many pleasant things. Winning money and giving it to the needy, especially during the coronavirus, to make their lives better.

These are two ways I can think of using the imagination for the better. I know there are many more, but I have to think of them yet or pray for them. Praying for them isn't a bad idea. I can't seem to get out of the scary thoughts easy and I prayed about getting rid of them. This has led me to some of the progress I have been seeing.

Lately, I have been praying for a way out of the thoughts and anxiety. I can't do it on my own. So this has been a journey that I have been working on. I hope I can keep getting free from anxiety's grip and getting stronger and more at peace.

I hope you are able to pray or whatever you can to break free from a negative imagination. Choose to come up with a wacky, positive imagination that is enjoyable instead of frightful.

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